POPBUCKS Coffee now provides Local Delivery Services by PAPERBOY!

Welcome to PoPBUCKS

PoPBUCKS Coffee creates some of the best cannabis infused edibles and drinks in DC. For same day delivery, orders must be placed before 2 pm. Please note we only deliver in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Delivery available anywhere in the Metropolitan area. PAPERBOY MONEY offers a convenient delivery service that you can trust for your edibles, drinks, art and more! Don't worry, we got it from here.

How it Works?

PoPBUCKS Coffee remains Initiative - 71 compliant while focusing on ART and Educating customers about our products! In order to enjoy our THC infused products you must exchange US Dollars for PoPBUCKS, that'll be the price you see for our edibles and drinks.

Drink/Eat. Sleep. be Productive

At PoPBUCKS we know you are the kind of people who want to be productive PoPStars. In order to be that way, you need to be able to focus, relax and sleep when needed. The problem is your mind is racing, environment is distracting or you find it hard to sleep, which makes you feel irritated, stressed, restless, which leads to an unproductive day. And an unproductive day can cost loss of money, projects being incomplete or several mistakes throughout your day. We believe that is wrong and no one should have to go experience that. We understand pain, issues and the stress this causes people. That’s why we created products that help you balance your day, focus and sleep like a baby. Here’s how it works:

Step One:
Choose which product you enjoy most even if not infused.  For Sleep we highly suggest PoP Syrup.

Step Two:
Eat or drink our products and wait 30 - 60 minutes for it to kick in. View our Art Print that you purchased in order to receive your edible while you wait.

Step Three:
begin to study, chill or sleep. So try our products today, so you can stop stressing and losing sleep and start taking back your time and day while being very productive and feeling good while doing so.

Gift Cards now available

The Perfect Gift to help anyone feel GOOD!


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