POPBUCKS Coffee now provides Local Delivery Services by PAPERBOY!

MD Delivery

PAPERBOY Delivery is currently unavailable to NON-MEDICAL card holder PoPBUCKS Coffee customers. PAPERBOY Delivery provides several drop-off locations close to MD lines from DC. For all medical card holders PoPBUCKS Coffee can deliver your infused items with ease. The minimum order for delivery is 150$ PoPBUCKS and all recipients must be 21 and older.


Washington, DC

Monday - Thursday, 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Friday - 10:00am to 2:00pm
Saturday - Sunday, Closed

MD Edible Delivery Service FAQ

Can I get a delivery in MD?

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Yes. We have locations in MD that can have all infused items delivered to MEDICAL card holders only.

No. We can not deliver infused items to NON-MEDICAL card holders PoPBUCKS Coffee customers. Currently cannabis is only legal for medical use in MD and illegal for recreational use. Maryland lawmakers are still working to change this law.

When will I be able to receive delivery in MD for NON-MEDICAL PoPBUCKS Coffee customers?
Lawmakers and MD voters are currently fighting to make cannabis legal for recreational by July 2023.

Can I have PoPBUCKS Coffee delivered to me in DC?

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Yes. NON-MEDICAL card holders PoPBUCKS Coffee customers can. PAPERBOY Delivery has several drop off locations close to MD lines from DC to meet you for your delivery.

What happens if I miss my delivery?

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If an attempt was made to deliver your PoPBUCKS and awards we will reach out to you via text, phone call or email to reschedule your delivery.

What are the delivery fees?

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PAPERBOY Delivery has a minimum order from PoPBUCKS Coffee customers of 150$ PoPBUCKS to have items locally delivered in MD. Additional fees may apply for deliveries over 1 hr ETA.

What is the deadline for same-day delivery?

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All orders must be placed before 2 PM eastern to receive same-day delivery in DC & MD. If not it will be delivered the next business day.

How can I track my delivery?

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After placing your order with PoPBUCKS Coffee an email or text will be sent to you to confirm your delivery and how to stay up-to-date with your delivery.

My address was correct, why was my order cancelled?

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PAPERBOY Delivery & PoPBUCKS Coffee waive the right to cancel any delivery if we/driver feel the location is unsafe, educational center/school or federal property.

Can I tip the delivery person?

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Yes. The driver is not exchanging any form of marijuana with you when they make their delivery. You were awarded an infused edible or drink when exchanging US Dollars for PoPBUCKS on PoPBUCKS Coffeewebsite, event or employee.

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